Jump Starters is a racing game that allows cars to jump to avoid obstacles and find shortcuts during races. Inspired by Speed Racer, Rocket League, and F-Zero, I wanted to create a game that combined some of my favorite games and concepts. Created for ART 485: Team-Based Game Development at UMBC, 2021. 
Design Lead, Project Creator, 3D Artist and Animator - Aaron Wescott
Programming lead, Gameplay and Systems - Joseph Robinson
Art Lead, Asset Artist -Julia Blurton-Jones
Background and Texture artist- Phoebe Oh
Programmer - Cade Christainson
Programmer - Zachary Rosenburg
Graphic Designer - Marissa Clayton
Music Composer/Producer - winepot.

Made in Autodesk Maya, Blender, Unreal Engine, Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Photoshop and Audition
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